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Our History 

Organizational Background

The predecessor to the Fields Foundation is the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund. The Fund had previously existed as a stand-alone nonprofit organization in Colorado committed to shaping knowledge and fostering civic engagement among high school graduates in Aurora.

The Memorial Fund was founded in memory and honor of Javad Marshall Fields and his finance, Vivian Wolfe, both graduates of Colorado State University. Both were tragically murdered to prevent Javad’s testimony for a related case against the perpetrators. Following this violent crime, the mothers of Javad and Vivian, Rhonda Fields and Vivian Wolfe, have made victim advocacy, social justice and education priorities in their lives.

The families created an endowed memorial scholarship fund administered by Colorado State University. For the past 9 years, the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund has provided 8 four-year renewable scholarships to students who graduate from a school located an Aurora, demonstrate strong leadership skills, and maintain a B average throughout their undergraduate career.

In 2010 the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund began to look at the bigger picture of the lives of young people in North Aurora. Although there are over 15,534 children in North Aurora, we were having difficulty identifying and selecting African American and Latino boys as scholarship recipients for the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund Scholarship to Colorado State University. Using state-level data from the Colorado Department of Education and national data from the United States Department of Education, we analyzed reading and math test scores for various ethnic and racial populations as well as for students from low-income families in Aurora. 80% of the students qualified for free or reduced lunch and less than 42% of tenth grade high school students were proficient in math and reading (CDPHE, 2010). Overall, we found an achievement gap not only in CSAP scores, but also in college entrance exams, advanced placement courses, and graduation rates.

Upon analysis of this data, the organization re-organized and went through a strategic evaluation and assessment process to identify new key strategies and principles towards impossible child educational and health outcomes.

In 2011, we officially expanded the original vision of the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund to include our community action subsidy, the Fields Foundation. This aspect of our work envisions a holistic approach to community empowerment that allows us address the multitude of social and environmental risk factors resulting in Aurora’s children to struggle academically and engage in an unhealthy lifestyle, and jeopardizing their ability to succeed as productive and healthy adults. Our scholarship recruitment pool was never making it to high school graduation! This vision brought about further assessment of the community’s needs, eventually spawning our community hub and care coordination programs.