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The Fields Foundation is structured to encompass the following programmatic areas: 1) the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund scholarship program; 2) activities that encourage and build leadership skills, self-esteem and provide opportunities for civic engagement; and 3) programs that promote health, academic achievement and engagement, and reduce the incidence of risky health behaviors among children and families in North Aurora.

Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund

The Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund is dedicated to providing financial support to students who are willing to make an investment in their own futures. Scholarships are awarded yearly to incoming freshman students that meet eligibility criteria. We strive to provide a yearly renewable scholarship that follows the incoming freshman student through undergraduate graduation and in certain instances beyond through a master’s degree.

Faith and Health in Action

Through partnership with the Denver Metro Ministerial Alliance and Aurora Community of Faith we facilitate outreach programs in churches throughout Denver and Aurora. We focus on: childbirth education, family health, nutrition, medications, parenting, civic issues, and lifestyle changes to improve health, quality of life and health literacy.

Social Media and SMS Texting for Health Campaign

Current campaign- get out of Vote. The current texting campaign encourages civic engagement and awareness of the new changes in election laws, including same day voter registration. SMS technology has the potential to improve health and community engagement across populations. Indeed, ethnic minorities and lower income communities tend to use the technology at higher rates than affluent whites.

Photo Voice

Photo Voice is a community assessment technique that allows community residents to use photographs and video clips of their community to identify problems and work for solutions. The pictures serve as catalysts for change by showing the reality of the everyday life of community residents. Images and stories provide persuasive evidence of struggle to augment quantitative needs assessments. Photo Voice is a dynamic tool for policy advocacy and youth engagement, recruiting residents to become activists to change the adverse circumstances they have identified. It invites citizen reflection and empowers self-determination of what works and what needs to be changed in their community. The photo stories are currently on tour in local churches throughout Aurora.

Men of Valor

The Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service Program is designed to provide upper elementary and junior high school students with caring and consistent adult mentors who focus on academic mentoring and life skill development. The goal is to improve parent engagement, aspirations and academic achievement of students in Aurora.