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Youth Empowering Action

Youth Empowering Social Action is the Fields Foundation Teen Advisory Council and engages youth in leadership development, community service, and civic engagement. Youth leaders participating on the Council gain a sense of ownership and responsibility for their planned activities and advocacy efforts...

The Council began with 13 students now has over 45 members. (Insert Picture) In the 2011-12 school year, these students completed over 300 hours of community service. Meeting on an every other week basis, the students:

  • Identified community problems & discuss solutions
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Planned the Annual Teen Health Summit and Expo
  • Lobbied for HB
  • Created a network of peer and adult friends from Aurora
  • Served the community
  • Had fun!

YESA members have had the unique opportunity to shape local policy, advocate for youth services in the denver metro area and interact with community leaders including Mayor Steve Hogan, State Representative Rhonda Fields, Aurora City Council members, Arapahoe County Commissioners, Aurora Public School District School Board members, business and nonprofit executives, and other adult mentors dedicated to improving the community.

Serving on YESA’s executive council prepares youth for the challenges they will face in the future as college students, employees, employers and volunteers while encouraging them to be a positive force in our community today.

A minimum of three students are selected from each of the High Schools in Original Aurora, West Preparatory, Central High School and Hinkley High Schools. Ten students in good academic standing whom meet the following criteria will be selected by an admissions committee:

Individuals elected to serve on the council will serve a term of two years and will receive a stipend for attending and participating in meetings and completing at least 80 hours of community service.

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